WordPress.com Desktop App

Thought this is only a news about Linux version of Calypso. But after reading further, got little bit confused. So this desktop app is different from Calypso? Guess have to try it themselves to get know better.

Today Automattic announced that the WordPress.com desktop app is now open source and available on GitHub under the GPLv2 (or later). A Linux version joins the OS X and Windows apps that were releas…

Source: WordPress.com Open Sources Desktop App, Linux Version Now Available

The core application Calypso was released as open source a few weeks ago, and now the work that went into building the desktop applications using Electron is available as well.

We’re also thrilled to announce the release of a Linux version, in addition to our newly released Mac and Windows apps, all of which you can download fromdesktop.wordpress.com.

Source: WordPress.com Desktop App Goes Open Source, Linux App Arrives

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